Infranode appoints three new partners

Infranode appoints three new partners

As a first step in opening the partnership program and increasing alignment and incentives for employees, we are pleased to announce that the following three individuals have now signed a partnership agreement that strengthens their commitment to the company over time: Erik Botnevik, Martin Ekström and Carl-Emil Lindholm. By joining the partnership group, they will actively participate in shaping the company’s overall strategy.

“Erik, Martin and Carl-Emil have all made significant contributions within their respective areas, fostering the growth and establishment of our business across the Nordics. We are delighted to welcome them to the partnership group.”

Founding Partners Christian Doglia and Philip Ajina

Since its establishment in 2013, the partner group has consisted solely of Infranode’s founders. However, in line with Infranode’s strategic business direction, the group is now being expanded. 

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