Mr Allan Larsson, former Swedish minister of finance, joins Infranode as Senior Advisor

Infranode is pleased to announce that Mr. Allan Larsson has joined its Senior Advisory Team, where Mr. Lars Åberg is already a member since 2014.

Mr. Larsson has a long career with leading positions in Swedish and international politics and civil service. He has served as Undersecretary of Labour, Director General in the Swedish Labour Market Board, and Member of Parliament. He served as Minister of Finance for the Social Democratic government of Ingvar Carlsson and was member of the General Council of the Swedish Central Bank. Mr. Larsson has held the position of Director General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities in the European Commission and has been a member of various commissions within the UN system. He has been chairman of Sveriges Television and Lund University. As Senior Advisor to the Infranode team Mr. Larsson will support Infranode in its continuous effort to develop further its relationships and infrastructure partnerships with the public sector.

Mr. Åberg has been Senior Advisor and Member of the Investment Committee of Infranode since the first closing of the investment platform in 2014. Mr. Åberg has almost 40 years of experience within the financial sector of which over 20 years in senior positions within the Swedish AP Funds (Head of Fixed Income) and the Swedish pension and insurance company AMF (Head of Fixed Income, Head of ALM and Head of Asset Allocation). Mr. Åberg supports the Infranode investment process with his vast investment experience and knowledge of the capital markets.

For further information contact:

Christian Doglia

+46 73 320 7487

Philip Ajina

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